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The Benoit Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization established to reinvest in the communities that we serve.

Our foundation seeks to make a positive impact within these communities; through its support of academic scholarships, continuing education programs, and developmental youth athletic programs.


The Benoit Foundation scholarship programs are designed to support outstanding students who work hard and have financial need, as well as senior citizens who wish to continue learning.

Provide merit based scholarships to students accepted into the Nathan S. Collier Master of Science in Real Estate program at the University of Florida.

Providing financial assistance and support to adults, seeking to further their education.

youth uplift

This initiative is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of youth and promoting positive growth and development in the communities that we serve. Our primary aim is to develop and sustain diverse partnerships with groups providing positive outlets; especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The Frank Ski Kids Foundation embraces youth and their value by showing examples and providing hands-on opportunities to promote optimal growth, self-expression, and education, which is vital to their ambitions.

Wilderness Works' mission is to empower and enrich disadvantaged and at-risk children living in urban Atlanta with year-round experiential education, recreation and outdoor adventure.

To educate and inspire young men through professional football coaching and motivational Biblical teachings, in an effort to produce strong athletes and stronger men of God.

Sporty Girls Inc, seeks to elevate the interest participants have in swimming, soccer, tennis and golf to a level they can be confident and achieve success.

Providing training and education for our future workforce.


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"Whether your project involves one or more of these areas, we will deliver the core competencies that will bring your project online, on time, within budget, and with added value."

Eddy Benoit Jr.

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