TBG is committed to helping colleges and universities develop residential housing solutions that meet  or exceed their growth demands and strategic objectives.


TBG is committed to helping Colleges & Universities to:

  • Structure creative financing for their student housing projects
  • Develop long-term master planning for administrative buildings and facilities to support their desired enrollment growth
  • Integrate senior housing for aging alumni and staff members to tie-into the social fabric of their campus
  • Build workforce housing to satisfy housing needs for the recruitment of young University staff members and graduate students
  • Stimulate ancillary retail, hospitality, and entertainment developments in proximity to campus
  • Develop tax allocation districts with their local government agencies to encourage smaller businesses enterprises in proximity to campus



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"Whether your project involves one or more of these areas, we will deliver the core competencies that will bring your project online, on time, within budget, and with added value."

Eddy Benoit Jr.

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SOUTHERN POLYTECHNIC STATE UNIVERSITY | Marietta, GA | 604 Beds | - Student Complex

GEORGIA SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY | Statesboro, GA | 399 Units | - Dormitory Complex

UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA| Athens, GA | 427 Units | - Dormitory Complex

GRAMBLING STATE UNIVERSITY | Baton Rouge, LA | 200 Units | Dormitory Complex

GEORGIA STATE UNIVERSITY | Atlanta, GA | 2000 Rooms | Student Suites

VALDOSTA STATE UNIVERSITY| Valdosta, GA | 197 Units | Student Suites